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Walrus angle

One of the most well-known, valuable and rare material to create carvings of noble varieties of bone is Walrus Angle. This durable, beautiful and flexible material is easily polished. Especially valuable Walrus Angle attached to its natural color. Pleasant milky eyes is beautiful in itself. Therefore, Walrus Angle not bleach or dye further before thread. Has a heterogeneous structure. On an oval face section of the canine is possible to distinguish several layers. A thin layer of dense white enamel, dentin, and then uniform inside – cellular yellowish pulp. She often has hidden cracks. The outer surface of the canine usually has a number of longitudinal cracks, “earned” during the life of a walrus. The color of Walrus Angle is either pure white or slightly yellow. Less common are stained fangs that had lain a few tens or even hundreds of years in the soil. They usually have a brownish-greenish hues and are valued higher “fresh”. Length of Walrus Angle is usually 30-70 cm., Weight 1-5 kg., But there are instances of up to one meter. Walrus Angle versatile as raw material for cutting bone.

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