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Rhodiola rosea

Rhodiola Rosea - Natural Raw Materials from Russia

Rhodiola Rosea (Golden Root, Rose Root) – a very valuable plant for medicinal purposes. A perennial herb of the family Crassulaceae. Square thick, shiny, pearly, it was his golden color was the reason that this plant with a huge list of useful medical properties of steel called golden root.

Botanical description of golden root
Plant with one stalk rare. Leaf sessile, oblong-ovate, elliptical, pointed, the upper part has teeth. Corymbose inflorescences are composed of multiple flowers are yellow. Efflorescence – the beginning or the middle of summer. Fruit in the form of leaflets greenish ripen in August.

Chemical composition and useful properties of golden root
As for medical purposes used exclusively roots of Rhodiola rosea, it is this part of the plant has become the subject of attention of many scientists. Most valuable as a medicinal plant are considered roots harvested during the second half of July to mid-August, and only large, but having no more than two stems of plants. Properties of golden root defined in its composition unique in its quality essential oils, mineral elements, including phosphorus, iron, magnesium, manganese, etc.., Tyrosol, antraglikozidy, tannins, flavonoids, lipids, and a large number of organic acids – oxalic, citric , malic, Galloway, succinic, and glucose and fructose.

Natural vegetable raw materials from Russia
Renowned medicinal plant, resembling in its properties ginseng root, spread over the territory of Russia is much more of his no less famous brother, although it is considered rare. It is listed in the Red Book of Russia in the third category, is protected in many places free of growth – in the Altai, in Yakutia, Eastern Siberia, the Far East and in parts of the White and Barents Seas. This adaptogen does not require a lot of light and heat, but can not live without water, needs abundant water flow proceeds.

The use of Golden Root
Siberian ginseng or Rhodiola rosea stimulates dynamic and static work of human organs and systems. Fatigue on a background of increased load is removed using drugs Rhodiola, it is able to quickly improve energy metabolism, oxidative processes and activating phosphorylation. Improving mental performance improves memory and attention. In addition, it treats cardiovascular, skin and gastrointestinal disorders, gout, diabetes, anemia, impotence.
Stimulating and restorative tonic for fatigue, after somatic and infectious diseases, functional disorders of the nervous system. Activates the function of the thyroid gland and gonads. Has a choleretic effect. Especially recommended for people with reduced vitality. For a stimulating effect exceeds Eleutherococcus. Contributes to the normalization of metabolic processes. When an external application (lotion on the wound, rinse) has anti-inflammatory and wound-healing effect.