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Choline Chloride

Choline Chloride is an essential nutrient for optimum animal growth through building and maintaining cell structure and function. Choline is associated with the metabolism and synthesis of glycine, betaine, cysteine, serine, methionine and many other methyl containing biological compounds.

Choline Chloride has four primary metabolic functions:

– Build, regulate and maintain cell membrane integrity and porosity, plus the normal maturation of bone cartilage, including the prevention of perosis in broilers;
– Act as a lipotropic agent, to aid utilization and outward transport of fat in the liver, thus preventing abnormal fat accumulation or so-called “fatty liver”;
– A precurser for acetyl choline synthesis, the transmission agent for impulses along the sympathetic nervous system;
Provide labile methyl groups, essential for numerous biological functions.

Despite the significant endogenous synthesis of choline, it is an important dietary constituent for normal growth and well-being in all of the species that have been studied. Its metabolic role in fat transport is established. In addition, it is a contributor of methyl groups in essential transmethylation reactions in the animal body. However, the precise nutritional significance of dietary choline for man is not clear. In evaluating the possible effects of choline salts as added food ingredients, particularly on the infant which is the largest consumer of these supplements, the Select Committee recognizes the approximate nature of current estimates of total daily intake and the scarcity of chronic toxicity data. The latter information might be supplied by studies on preweanling animals. However, the available evidence raises no suspicion that choline chloride and choline bitartrate have harmful effects at dosage levels that are several orders of magnitude greater than the most generous current estimates of human intake. The Select Committee has weighed the foregoing and concludes that: There is no evidence in the available information on choline chloride and choline bitartrate that demonstrates, or suggests reasonable grounds to suspect, a hazard to the public when they are used at levels that are now current or that might reasonably be expected in the future.

Choline Chloride - Biologically Active Compounds for food, cosmetics and pharmacy industry