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Cervus tarandus

Reindeer Hard Horns and Antlers - Raw materials for traditional Chinese medicine

Reindeer (Cervus tarandus) – the only deer in which both males and females carry antlers. Reindeer small, summer – coffee-brown or gray-brown in the winter is quite colorful – from very light on the neck and the lower half of the head to the temnoburovato gray at the top of the head, back, legs and rump. The body length of 200 – 220 cm, height at withers 140 cm and a maximum weight of up to 220 kg in the autumn. Usually, the reindeer, especially tundra, much smaller and lighter. Their weight is just over a hundredweight.

Reindeer Antlers
Hard Horns are composed of compact bone substance and form as outgrowths of the frontal bones. At the beginning of the growth of horns filled with spongy tissue filled with blood, covered with soft velvety skin with hair and called this period of growth – Antlers. In the future, there is a rapid growth and by the fall of horns ossify, the skin dies and falls away. As a result of bone resorption of bone at the junction of the cup with a horn, horns dropping occurs, the fall in adult males, females spring reindeer. Such a change occurs annually.

Raw materials for traditional Chinese medicine
Regeneration of antlers in deer is accompanied not only by the growth of the trunk and forming processes, but also a profound change in the chemical composition of its internal structure. In this context, terms of preparation of antlers and horns of a stag determine their biological and pharmacological value. The drug is based on the powder obtained their reindeer antlers, boosts immunity, maintains and improves the blood, improves liver function, eliminates toxins, increases resistance to stress and physical activity.

Reindeer Antlers
Throughout the animal world there is nothing more wonderful than young neokostenevshie saturated with blood, covered with leather and velvet-like pile of deer horns – antlers. Such intensity of tissue regeneration does not know of any other body of the animal – the rate of growth of antlers is up to 2 cm per day. In the growing antlers of deer present adult embryonic stem cells, which is unique among mammals.

Categories of horns of deer:
Category A – must be fresh and new, large in size, color on the surface of dark brown, one horn by weight – not less than 1.3 kg;
Category B – also need to be fresh and new, but not large in size, color and dark brown, one horn must not weigh less than 1.3 kg;
Category C – cracked, the floor, the color of the surface of the white;
Category D – it might be old horns, rotten and crumbling. Prices are formed each year, depending on demand and the categories of horns.

Reindeer Hard Horns and Antlers - Raw materials for traditional Chinese medicine