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Wild Plant Raw Material

Traditional Chinese medicine is rapidly advancing onto the world stage as a medicine that has endured through time and history to assuage the ills of humankind and assist in the prevention of further diseases and imbalances of health. Chinese herbal medicine is notable for its sophistication in addressing clinical concerns while remedying an individual’s particular needs. Thousands of years old, the herbal medicine tradition remains a vibrant player in today’s health field.

Chinese herbal medicine is a medical system that has evolved empirically over many thousands of years, with countless millions contributing to its development and systemisation. Its’ roots reach back to the very dawn of history, when all manner of methods, including trial and error played a roll in the gradual amassment of the myriad facts that have passed down to us today.

Arsenal of raw material used in Chinese medicine, has more than two thousand titles. Not less than three-quarters of this amount is raw material of plant origin – different roots, flowers, herbs, fruits or bark; the rest falls on raw material of animal and mineral origin. Even this can be seen how important place is occupied by herbs in Chinese traditional medicine. This is facilitated by the fact that China’s grow a variety of medicinal plants.
Experience of using raw material stockpiled in China for several thousand years. In the Tang period (018-909 BC) due to the fact that the collection of wild medicinal herbs could not meet the increased demand, the need arose in the cultural cultivation of these plants. In that period, China emerged plantation of medicinal herbs and other medicinal plants. However, despite the great therapeutic value of many drugs, effectiveness and properties of some of them were until recently studied the methods of modern science.

Currently, medicinal plants, used for centuries in Chinese traditional medicine, have become quite widely used in the clinic and in an outpatient setting. In this regard, there is a need in a very detailed study of the efficacy and pharmacological action of these drugs through clinical observations and experimental studies. There are currently unable to determine a more precise therapeutic effect only about 200 species of medicinal plants.