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Sika Deer Hard Horns and Antlers

Sika Deer Hard Horns and Antlers - Raw materials for traditional Chinese medicine
Sika deer hard horns
Sika deer (Cervus nippon hotulorum) differs from other deers in their harmony and grace. The animal has a beautiful summer fur is entirely covered in stains, for which he received his name. Winter spots fully or partially disappear. Traditional “mirror” inherent Sika deer very small size. Hunting for sika deer in rut favorable, namely the period from September to January. In sika deer antlers, usually four-pointed.

Sika deer antlers
Antlers (horns young sika deer) are blood-filled sponge bone. Cut off in the spring and summer and preserved by cooking, hot, drying for 2 months. Canned antlers are used in folk medicine in Southeast Asia for more than 2000 years. The active ingredients in the antlers are multifaceted, but in summary the Chinese Pharmacopoeia, composed in 1596, Li Shi-Zheng, noted that the strength of antlers is in the blood contained in them. Lost blood sika deer antlers are not suitable for therapeutic purposes.
Sika deer antlers – a complex organ consisting of various, mostly young, growing and differentiating tissues.
– Outer covering – leather,
– Medium – intermediate,
– Center – brain (rich, thin-walled vessels, surrounded by a ring of loose connective tissue).
As the distance from the apex of the connective tissue is converted into cartilage, and even bone. In the future, the main substance of the cartilage starts to be postponed lime.

Raw materials for traditional Chinese medicine
From ancient times until the present time one of the most important sources of medicinal plants for traditional oriental medicine is Sika deer. Antlers at basic recipes of Eastern medicine, always pounded or ground into powder, and as such have taken as a medicine, often mixing with other powders. Studies of the XX century have confirmed that the blood of deer antlers and contains a huge amount of bioactive substances, protein compounds, energy in its pure natural form, which are necessary not only in the treatment of various diseases, but also as a preventative, a tonic for healthy people. Blood red deer, according to oriental medicine, considered as a means of prolonging life, and more recently, has been experimentally proved that the extracts from antlers and blood delay aging.

Sika Deer Hard Horns and Antlers - Raw materials for traditional Chinese medicine