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Moose Hard Horns

Moose (Alces alces) – the largest representative of the deer family of modern and one of the largest animals of terrestrial fauna. Moose is significantly different in appearance from the other deers. The first horn of the male growing up in the late first and early in the second year of life, in the second year they have the appearance of a rather smooth and sharp needles, a length of about 20 – 30 cm. In March or in early April, its second spring a young moose resets these “spokes”, and instead begin to grow new antlers in April, has already forked ends. Moose Hard Horns grow in the form of thick, soft formations covered with fine velvety skin. They reach full growth for 2 – 2.5 months; in this period, moose antlers are tender and bleed damage. Summer Moose Hard Horns kosteneyut and dry up, the tops of their tapered, leather, covering them, dries and bursts, and in August moose rubbing against trees scraped off with this skin has got stronger horns, received a brownish color.

By the end of the second year of life of the moose-horn sculpin grow bifurcated, or “fork”, which he is in the third year. Thus there is a change of Moose Hard Horns and more. In the fourth year bull wears horns with three spikes on each. Horn between the first process and the apical fork slightly flattened, and shows the “shovel” these relatively more developed horns.

Every year, the horns are thicker, longer and harder. On the sixth or seventh year of the correctness of additional processes disrupted. Could add a year two appendages at either or both of the horns, or two years in a row can remain the same number of processes.

Do moose live in areas where they are often frightened and moose sick or injured correct growth of horns is severely impaired. Shovel stops formed or poorly developed horns are small and light, often with an uneven number of processes on both horns, even in the four-five-year steers.

The largest and most severe are moose antlers, along with 16 – 20 shoots. These horns have a wide and powerful shovel. They grasp the base of the horns and the socket is 34 – 36 centimeters.

Moose Hard Horns  - Raw Material for Traditional Chinese Medicine